The following images are renditions of what the various slogan would look like on T-shirts and/or other products applications. The actual layout, of the image and related copy, might vary a bit from what is pictured below. By vary, I mean that the slogan could appear both above and below the image on the shirt, the text color will be chosen based on how it would enhance the appearance, readability and overall high quality of the black t- shirts; and on how the silk-screening process has to be set up to make the best possible shirt image.

ALL of the slogans really are based on actual experiences I’ve had, with my hand, over my lifetime.

Also, we are only showing about 27 of the almost unlimited types of imaginative, positive, upbeat slogans that could be imprinted on a shirt or other type of product.

NOTE: Check out theSURVEY’ for additional slogan applications and vote for your favorite slogans.

The following shirt example is one of my favorites:Shop Now!

cold dead 2slogan 1slogan 2

slogan sample 5Check out the SURVEY and VOTE for your favorite slogans

shirt slogans 6shirt slogans 7

Check out the SURVEY and VOTE for your favorite slogans

These images should give you an idea of just this aspect of SOME of the applications I’ve thought of.

digitus t-shirt

hey t-shirt

the stories



The website domain, shown printed on the above t-shirt examples, has been updated to be this site; We still hold both domain names.


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