I’ve known Dan for over 30 years and in knowing him he’s always had a positive outlook on life accompanied by his dry sense of humor. His unique birth hand, has given him hours of comic material that he’s always used in a positive way.  He’s now applied his experiences to the dozens and dozens of classic and philosophical, motivational and positive slogans related to his hand’s x-ray image that he has associated to having lived with this unique physical birth hand characteristic.

Bill Glascock. 31 year friend, Kingston, OK


Dan was born with this particularly unusual right hand birth characteristic, and he has experienced countless episodes of people’s misunderstanding, at every level, and at the very least these episodes have always been awkward. Awkward, because of the stigma that is associated with the universally recognized intentionally made, well known hand/finger as giving people ‘the bird’ gesture.

However, over his lifetime he has always tried to manage these episodes and have ONLY and always used these common and most obvious misperceptions, about his hand, into over 60 Years of EXPERIENCES for clean humor in conjunction with a positive philosophical attitude.

Dr. R. Stein, 27 year friend, Roswell, Georgia


There has always been a lot of humor in our family, especially with my brother Dan and our cousin Alan. When the recent opportunity presented itself, (and also out of basic curiosity), my brother Dan had an authentic medical X-Ray made of his right hand at the time his forearm was injured and had to go to the ER for an examination to see if his arm was broken…

injury 1When his arm was x-rayed he asked to have an x-ray of his hand out of general curiosity.

Then, when he saw the x-ray image an idea hit him.

He also thought, since everywhere we look we have only seen and heard the one-sided negative aspect of the hand/finger gesture/innuendo; so, why not turn use and share what was given to him to be something lighthearted and positive in telling some of the many of these awkward to humorous experiences he’s had…?   Why not…?x-ray copyright

Hence, he had the idea and the applications of the concept was born…

Donald Holmes, youngest brother, Jacksonville, Florida

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Dan, you always say it all and your site really is you, my good friend.

You asked me to write something about you, so here goes. You have so many great long story’s, like: Eating well and healthy, always getting up without any alarm clock and being on any work location VERY early, management skills in ALL forms, improvising, adapting, modifying, overcoming, self-taught skills, ALL forms of friendly people interaction, mobile and creative marketing on-the-run, marketing tools fabrication, scouting out available resources, finding humor in everything, normalizing the impossible, mocking the mundane, raising the standard of excellence and with the ability to understanding and explain many hidden secrets of the universe.

Bruce Williams, 9+ year friend,  Tampa, Florida

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I have known Dan for almost 8 years and have never known him to flip anybody off intentionally. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t if he thought he could get away with it. =) (…but I know he wouldn’t).

Until Dan told me about and then showed me his inspired business model extravaganza I had actually forgotten about his unusual, or should I say fortunate mality. Knowing Dan, you’d never notice his hand. If there is any possible way to turn a lemon into high-test lemonade Dan will surely find a way.

Robert Alley, 8 year friend, Hollywood, South Carolina