Wondering All About Why…

By Dan Holmes Copyright © 2003-2012, All Rights reserved

The day is all gone, and the night is now here,

I look at the stars, both so far and so near.

Looking very far into the twinkling night sky,

My mind likes to wander, wondering all about Why

Why do I analyze the meaning of all that I am, hear and see?

Just what does it all mean and would it, could it affect me?

Why was I formed in the strange the way that I was;

Was it for a sign or learn a message, and not simply because…

…and then Why do things some things happen, either this way or that?

And the meaning of words…(?)… To where is the cat(?)

The first conclusions I made were always put to the test,

In all that I’ve done, I tried the most to do my best.

To be right all the time has never been true,

And in much that I’ve learned is that there’s emptiness, too.

Then, when I anticipate results from some others’ plan,

Either from work or at play, from either woman or man;

I sometimes think I open the door for being let down,

Then expecting something more… Than a still, silent sound.

To depend on those ‘others’ (?), of myself I am sure,

My competence is sufficient, but it’s not the right cure.

I need to learn how to discern and on to whom to rely,

There can be much wisdom to gain, a truth you cannot deny!

But, many before me have learned what to do,

Nothing ventured and nothing gained, Is a rule very true.

To depend on myself and a maybe a few others; one or two,

In the past I’ve endured and learned …then, at times nothing new (?).

It must be my reactive defenses that have been put into gear,

To have micro-cosmically studied all that was close, near and dear.

Those automatic responses I have so that I don’t have to think,

’cause my brain’s been so well fried, it’s been way past its brink.

But, it may be that the best of my life that I might actually miss,

With God, to succeed and accomplish a great thing, Oh what possible bliss!

…Because then the lonely pain of past failure could all go away,

Then I know that only through God it succeeded, that’s what I’ll pray!

The more new things that I try the more opportunity I’ll see,

Those good things and the best things that will happen for me.

I know that no one can win at every plan, all the time,

But the more that I pray and I try; it should all fall into line.

The rule is right clear… That I become all that I think,

It is of the fruit of His Word and being positive that I will only drink.

No one is self-sufficient as a sole island of just them self,

There are many other undiscovered people-pockets of wealth.

Why did I not first learn that in my God I can depend?

That His reliability is of which there is no never end.

Was the interesting form I was given just to show me a way,

For an odd strength to acquire and a new message to say.

Why did I not first look, at what God wants me to see?

That life is about knowing Him and not just all about me.

What happens will happen, where I have no control,

With the good and the ‘other’, I need to learn how to roll.

My experiences aren’t much different than others like me,

It’s just that many have learned to survive in the storms of the sea.

They’ve chosen to just follow God and pay a price to overcome,

That makes all the difference of who’s lost and who’s won!

…and, it’s not only for who’s won, that’s the theme of this rhyme,

…But to all those who just tried with all of their heart and their time

We are all traveling down similar pathways in the oceans, rivers and streams,

 And we need to remember, no one ever loses following God,

             As we travel towards our prayers, our hopes and our dreams.

…and instead of wondering about Why,

On God I’ll rely… and He’ll teach me to fly… that’s Why…!

Dan Holmes