Looking back over the past of more than half century of my life, if I had the option to choose a birth defect, I doubt I would have even considered what God decided to give me. Then again, I am very grateful that the strangely unique under-development of my right hands fingers could have been much more extensive creating many different challenges.

You could not know what it is like to have been born with any special form or fashion of an unusual birth characteristic, unless it has happened to you.

So, yes…  I am very grateful, very grateful, that I have what I have and that He made me exactly the way He did.

As I’ve mentioned in my initial videos and in several places in my website, I’ve always used philosophy and humor to deal with the normal and usually inevitable reaction most people have when they think someone projected this middle-finger gesture in their direction…. but, more often than not, just having to have to deal with these various experiences early in my life, use to be awkward for me.

…and up to recently it has still been awkward for me to even talk about it because of everything I’ve had to deal with in the past.

No more…

Up until this past December, when I realized the SPECIAL GIFT of what I was given, did I not realize what I had in  my hand until God hit me over the head with an injury that opened my eyes to see something I had never really seen before.

At this point, in order to put together my thoughts and express them in this forum, I forced myself to REMEMBER everything I tried to forget and then take all that information and convert into everything you see in this website. It wasn’t easy at first, but within a few days of getting started the thoughts flooded my mind much faster than I could write them out.

It’s this thought process that I only just recently understood, like one of those tipping-point times where all these odd pieces of one of the puzzles of our life, sort of all come together.

What I want to do is to use my sense of humor, my hand, my hand experiences and my positive mind set into something that I believe has never been done before and that is to change the perception people make of the middle finger and change it into something positive, using humor, philosophy and my experiences.

There is an enormous amount of negative energy associated with projecting the middle finger image and from my lifetime of interacting with ‘the (my) middle finger’, I don’t ever recall a single instance where giving someone the middle finger was ever used for ‘good’…

Until now…

Let me explain…

This past week I was talking to a neighbor of mine and telling him about my website and what I was trying to do. He thought it was great and that was that, until just yesterday when we had the opportunity to have a follow-up to our previous conversation.

He then related to me that just 2 days earlier he was stuck in traffic behind a thoughtless driver… and when he went to pass this other vehicle, for whatever reason, the other driver gave him ‘the finger’. You know what he told me was the first thought that went through his mind…?

He told me that he instantly thought of my hand and my story and started to laugh inside.

Now, think about this on a much larger scale. Think about the possibility of being able to take something that has been used for an insult for hundreds and possibly even thousands of years and turning all that negative energy into something for good.

I think it would be great…!  …and that’s the good of what I’m trying to do.

5 percentAs an additional thought in wanting to do ‘good’, we are going to contribute 5% of the profits of all of the merchandise that will be marketed, because of all the various product applications, to benefit Wounded Warriors and their families as well as the Marine Corps Toys for Tots programs.

This is what I have purposed to do…

…and this will be done with your help.

You can help me help them by both buying my products and then also by spreading the word out about this site into the digital world of the Social Media Cyber Space?

You can’t know what it has been like unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes… or theirs.

Thanks for stopping by…