Personal Disclosure


Please note: I consider myself just a regular guy that likes to write things out and that thinks mostly outside ‘the box’. I was formed, exactly like you see in my pictures, by my Creator. I was formed with a very unusual hand birth defect and a quick-witted dry sense of humor that’s always had a very positive attitude… and for over 35 years has made a living in creative face-to-face marketing.

My stories are solely based on my countless actual people interactions, on my observations and my actual real-true-to-life experiences… In other words, my recounted experiences are all accurate and completely factual.

You really cannot make this kind of stuff up, unless you lived it…!!!

Further NOTE: No information on this site should be taken as an encouragement or even remotely suggestive that you could have your hand/fingers surgically altered or modified in any way so you might try to create these or other ironic, entertainingly and uniquely humorous experiences yourself…

Leave this experience to a lifetime, specialized, highly seasoned comedic professional.