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Copyright Infringment Spotter Rewards Program

Everything contained on this site, my pictures, my stories, my history and all the images of my hand, are COPYRIGHTED.

In addition, since the x-ray is also part of MY MEDICAL PROPERTY, there are certain Federal HIPAA Rules and Regulations come into play as well.

In addition, mentioned under the legal section of this site, there are VERY SPECIFIC rules stated in HIPAA, pertaining to medical information about a person, in ANY FORM, that is copied, transfered or transmitted in ANY printed or digital FORM or MEDIA; refer to the HIPAA Protection section in this site.

5 percentSince the x-ray image of my right hand ‘could’ be copied and/or possibly duplicated or recreated in a Photoshop type program and used in the unauthorized marketing of products, we have decided to offer a rewards program to anyone who first spots, and is FIRST to register a verifiable report with my attorneys and me, (of an unauthorized application of any of my copyrighted material). A 5% rewards fee based on the amount of the paid copyright violation settlement will be paid to that first verified, registered ‘spotter’, within 2 weeks of the paid settlement.

This means that we could literally have 1,000’s of fans searching their town and/or internet, looking for copyright violators (ie) violations and benefiting because they would receive a finder’s fee of 5% of the paid copyright infringement settlement.


 This website and ALL its material and pictures are All Copyrighted (c) 2011 – 2012 Daniel C. Holmes and ALL RIGHTS both National and International are Fully Reserved.

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