Picture Taking

 finger 7-25 sideIf I’m carefully aware where my hand (and the camera) is all of the time, you would not casually notice that I am missing those strategic fingers on my right hand…

…but, sometimes I drop my guard just a little and the camera, or someones attention, will catch sight of my hand.

Whenever pictures are being taken, I’ve always tried to be aware of how my right hand would possibly show in the picture and would think to keep my hand out of view to the camera.

These first two color pictures are current pictures. Notice, in both pictures, my right hand and how I always try to remember to keep it closed and off to my side when taking pictures.

gym 1


In this older black and white picture, taken in November 1948, when I’m almost 2 years old, you can see about the time when I began holding my hand off to my side and keep it closed as a natural reaction.


…but, then again today, sometimes I am distracted or unaware a photograph is being taken and afterwards when I might see the picture I always think to myself that I should have been more on guard…

The picture above is the kind of picture taking experiences I try to be careful about… but, sometimes I forget in the moment.

baby duet

Above, both of these two pictures were both taken in June 1947 when I was 4 months old. As you can see, when I was posed for my earliest baby pictures, I was positioned so as to not show my right hand to the camera.


…But, taken at the same time and place, this one picture above managed to get through my early picture-taking censorship.


Then there’s pictures like this one where both my hands can be clearly seen…