Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, over my entire life that I’ve ever seen or heard about the middle-finger gesture has ALWAYS been related to a  ‘negative‘ message conveyed via image. The ‘market place is saturated with various products related to this negative energy.

Even when we GOOGLE ‘middle finger pics’ on the internet, in LESS than 1/3 of a second, we receive OVER 79,000,000 (that’s 79 MILLION) different website references…


finger pics

However, from EVERYTHING I’ve ever seen, and you can believe me that IF anyone should know it would be me, that I’ve found absolutely NO ONE that has ever tapped into the potential positive energy that this image could be used for…

Until now..


…and it took me 65 years to live it,


then a serious accidential injury to my right arm,


until I actually saw and understood it…


the high road

I was amazed at both how expensive much of these items were and how well they are selling. There’s quite a market for these 1000’s of items on these literally MILLIONS of websites, but the theme is consistently rebel-without-a-clue, in-your-face always negative energy.

…and that’s just a small part

of what I have to say about that…


for now…!

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