NAAV: “…There MIGHT be a connection… but, it remains INCONCLUSIVE IN LAW…”….

You think….????

Shortly after my dad passed away, and my brother Curtis told me about a year or so after the fact, that a group of Atomic-Veterans’  visited with our dad while he was still alive, yet as he was confined a patient in Bay Pines Veterans Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida. Curtis told me that these veterans were discussing with my Dad, just exactly where he was that he received these radiation burns that it was now apparent he was suffering from, and what he was doing where he was when he was exposed.

Then this group had an extensive conversation with him about the nature of those radiation injuries and his immediate follow-up medical treatment for exposure.

Also, I recall that in this ‘conversation’ Dad was asked about his having any children with any birth defects; and the possible ramifications that meant because of where he was at the end of the war…dad

So when I received this bit of information it motivated me, all the way back in 1989, to correspond with the National Association Of Atomic Veterans about my Dad’s military history.  The reason those inquiries were initiated then, (a few years after my Dads passing), was because he was interviewed by this group of veterans about his military experience relating to the atomic bomb and I wanted to know what ever happened with that information Dad was interviewed about.

This meeting with this group of veterans, that I heard about a year after Dad passed away, happened just a very short time, possibly a few weeks, before he passed away.

Anyway, I even surprised myself at the information I researched and found (check under my ‘research and development’ section), created and then incorporated from my experiences into positive energy.

At that time, further details were not that detailed and family recollection a bit sketchy, so I decided to try and look into the matter out of general curiosity.

After several letters to several entities, I received a response…

After literally waiting for months,


and months between letters, I finally received this letter:

letter 1

“…There may be a connection in your case

…but it remains inconclusive in law…”

How interesting…